About Us

A Reddit Dystopia started towards the beginning of WoW:Legion on Reddit as a group of gamers that wanted to find like minded people to play with. From there it expanded to Discord and eventually to an in game Guild on Bleeding Hollow. The community has grown exponentially since then, going from 1 raid team at the beginning of Legion to 14 by the end of Legion. Additionally, A Reddit Dystopia is host to several "Community Runs" which allow all members of the community to raid together at a variety of skill levels and to teach newer players the mechanics of the raid.

A Reddit Dystopia is built around the idea of putting the community first in order to provide a quality gaming experience for everyone involved. Additionally, A Reddit Dystopia also gives back to the community by hosting AOTC Carries at the end of every tier, and is closing out Legion by partnering with FriendshipBirb to getting the Violet Spellwing mount for as many members of the community as possible.

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